Who is Virat Kohli’s Girlfriend? Asks Students in Exam

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Who is Virat Kohli's Girlfriend? Asks Students in Exam
 Who is Virat Kohli’s Girlfriend? Asks Students in Exam

Number of Class 9 Physical Training (PT) students of a local school were stumped when asked to answer an exam question on: ‘Who is Virat Kohli’s girlfriend?’.

The Question came with 3 options having A. Priyanka Chopra, B. Anushka Sharma or C. Deepika Padukone.

Turns out even schools are obsessed about Virat and Anushka’s relationship. In an examination for class 9th, one of the questions asked the students to name Virat Kohli’s girlfriend! This news have spread virally in social media.


However, while speaking to local TV channels, the school principal A R Pandey has passed the responsibility for the goof-up on the PT teacher, who allegedly set the exam paper.

The principal admitted that the blunder went ‘unnoticed’ but has not specified any remedial measures for the same.

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