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Why did I love ‘Udta Punjab’?

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Why did I love ‘Udta Punjab’?
Why did I love ‘Udta Punjab’?

I am usually not a big fan of Anurag Kashyap mark movies. Let it be his production or direction… I can count how many movies I would’ve watched on my fingers. Coming to Abhishek Chaubey, apart from kaminey and Ishqiya none of his films were very interesting to me.

May be it’s because I was bowled over by Alia Bhatt’s performance in Highway, or I found Shahid Kapoor’s first look poster very interesting, or I probably because always wanted to make myself watch some movies based on real social situations, or may be I was totally into the hype of Censor certification drama. I somehow didn’t want to miss this film. So I went on and watched it.

I forgot the censor hype and other promotions effect before the Film Title was even shown. It started with a Pakistani athlete showing his Discus throw skills to throw a pack of heroin over Indo-Pak border. Starting from there, each and every detailing caught my attention. The film went on showing four different lives and unknowingly how they are interconnected with one big problem that is Drug Addiction. Solved or failed but it was concluded in every individual story without any forceful cinematic situations. So, here is what I thought about it..

Thumbs Up for..

First of all the actors.. Shahid kapoor as Tommy Singh, I wasn’t sure about it. Shahid is a soft looking guy and imagining him as a drug addicted pop-star was a little hard for me. But pushing all my thoughts aside, Shahid came out like a real rock star. He surprised me and scared me and even made me laugh with his polished acting skills and amazing work on the given character. Alia Bhatt.. I am already a big fan of the On-screen Alia (Am not so impressed with the off-screen version of her though). At a very young age, this girl is almost at a mark where actors erase the boundaries and give us a real life experience while watching the film. She can make you feel the pain and make you cry along with her in no time. Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh I can’t talk about one person individually when it comes to these two. They have showed amazing chemistry without any romantic scenes. Matured and stable acting give them extra points.

Screenplay.. The film doesn’t bore you at any point of time and won’t let you realize when the shot of ending for one scene gives you the beginning of another one in a different location with different people. The first half is so entertaining while giving you the brief of the condition in the state today and gradually the second becomes a little serious and violent which is much needed and script driven. Sudip Sharma and Abhishek Dubey sure have worked really well. So does the editor Meghna Sen.

Music is well composed. Story was smartly written and projected wisely with right amount of production values. Over all a wonderful experience with a social (personal) message.

Thumbs Down for..

It is a little too abusive. I mean the cuss words are everywhere. May be it is the usual communication format there but on screen, it does make it a little uncomfortable. It’s like The Wolf of Wall Street. A scene never ends without remembering the mothers and sisters.

If you want more points here, I’ll have to watch it again with a magnifier. I don’t say it is a perfect film but any minute mistakes are ignorable. It is an honest effort to point out at the most sensitive yet dangerous problem of today’s youth.

I just would like to Thank Anurag Kashyap for the entire struggle to get this film to the theatres.

I just want to conclude saying, if you are over 18, don’t miss the film. Just go and watch. You either get some awareness on the on-going social problems or a little knowing about how dangerous it is to get addicted for drugs. If for nothing, it is so entertaining with all the fun Shahid creates throughout the film.

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