Why is Shruthi Haasan scouting for a village ?

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The rumor mills are rife with news of Shruthi Haasan adopting a village soon. In the recent blockbuster movie ‘Srimnthudu’ staring Mahesh Babu and Shruthi Haasan, its seen that she inspires and encourages Mahesh to adopt a village. Now its the turn of the actress to make it happen in reality. Recently the media and social networking sites were filled with the news of Mahesh Babu adopting a village each in Burripalem, Andhra Pradesh and another village in the state of Telangana. Now its the turn of the actress to adopt a remote village in Tamil Nadu. It has been informed that it is Kamal Haasan who instigated Sruthi to take up an initiative of adopting a village. So currently sh is scouting for the right village so that she can extend her help and support to the people in a righteous way.


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