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Why Kapil Sharma is so Special for Indians?

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Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is India’s favorite comedian and there is no lie about it. No matter which Channel he chooses to do the show, people never check the logo on the top corner. They’ll only watch Kapil on screen.  He loves his fans as much as they love him, sometimes more than that. It is not only the show but he is a part of NGOs, NPOs and does his part for the society. He is a social worker, animal lover and a very good human being. He just brings out the best of himself each time and one such thing happened recently.

While the show is going on, Kapil always gives a chance to the audience to talk to him. At a recent shoot, a middle aged lady who is diagnosed with cancer was spotted in the sets. She came with her daughter and said she is fan, expressed her wish to meet Kapil and his team and mentioned that is her last wish. Kapil Sharma is moved while talking to the lady, immediately stopped the shooting and requested all his team members to join him to spend some time with the woman. They talked to her, made her laugh and clicked pictures with her.

Kapil Sharma's Team with a Fan
Kapil Sharma’s Team with a Fan

If you want to know more, Kapil’s father used to serve in Police department and they lost him to cancer few years ago. So, no doubt seeing that lady moved Kapil and made him stop everything for her. He didn’t console her, rather gave her some memorable moments to cherish and fight back with fate.

If you go back to past, you find such incidents in hundreds in number. That is why kapil is arguably the best comedian and favorite of India.

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