Wipro sued for 1 million pounds for sexual discrimination

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According to latest reports, a former  employee of Wipro  in the UK has accused the Indian information technology (IT) firm of sex discrimination, unequal pay, harassment and unfair dismissal. She is seeking a compensation of up to £1 million.

Shreya Ukil, 39, in a claim at the central London employment tribunal, said she was coaxed to have an affair with senior vice-president Manoj Punja, the former head of Wipro BPO who resigned last year. worked as a sales and market development manager at Wipro, said she was treated like “dirty goods” after ending the affair and filing complaints about how she was treated. She added on to say that she was paid far less than her male colleagues, earning up to £75,000-a-year rather than the typical £150,000 paid to male equivalents, the newspaper reported.





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