Woman living as man sexually assaults a 13 year old – Movie Mint

Woman living as man sexually assaults a 13 year old

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Zunika Ahmad, who has two wives and was diagnosed with gender dysphoria or “a strong desire to be male”, pleaded guilty to committing an obscene act with the then 13-year-old girl. Zunika Ahmad, who moved into a flat in 2011 and met her victim along with her two wives and a daughter, looks like a man and has a deep voice and presented herself as an Indonesian man to the victim and her family.

Zunika’s wives were also under the impression that they were married to an Indonesian man. The first wife became pregnant after having an affair, but told Zunika the baby was hers.She and the victim subsequently grew close and developed feelings for each other in 2012, according to the report.Although the acts were committed with the girl’s consent, they are still illegal as the age of consent in Singapore is 16 years, the report said. Zunika ended the relationship in December 2013 after feeling guilty over the affair.The abuse came to light in March 2014, when the girl made a police report after an argument with Zunika.

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