Woman Stealing 22inch LED Tv Between Her Legs Caught In CCTV

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February 17 at 8 pm 50 minutes a man with two women in Model Town computer market reached Glory computer care. Vicky young women employed at the store to show the speaker said. Vicky speaker began to show them inside the store when a woman left eye portion reached. The woman laptop stolen from the store in just 7 seconds. After stealing the woman and her partner easily evacuated.
At 9 pm, 40 minutes after the crime, the gang of women Jhajhar Gandhi Chowk reached Electronics.The woman, a 22-inch LED also stolen. Two hours later a similar incident in Gurgaon carried out at 12 o’clock Sharda computer.
Women in all three cases the laptop and the LED sticking on his feet and did not know anyone.
Is clearly visible in the footage that raises sari girl down and stolen laptops and LED puts in between their legs. These legs are wearing an elastic, which are laptop-LED sticks. Piracy is so elastic that the women come out easily.
The police registered the FIR, the gang went to Dwarka

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