Women Declare ‘Happy to Bleed’

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Sabarimala Temple board’s controversial move for inventing a machine to ‘check the purity of women’ entering the famous temple has invited flak from women across the nation. Taken aback with this, women have launched a counter campaign ‘Happy To Bleed‘ on social networking sites. Taking on ‘menstrual taboos’ and ‘sexism’ of the board, the counter campaign instantly went viral online.

Prayar Gopalakrishnan said, ” We have many machines to check and scan the entire body.  There will be a day when a machine is invented to scan if it is the ‘right time’ for a woman to enter the temple. At that time we will talk about letting women inside.”

He also wanted security to be tightened so no unclean women could enter the temple surreptitiously The Statements has roused the ire of women across Kerala state.

Women across India have launched a Happy To Bleed “counter campaign” on Facebook to protest against menstrual taboos and sexism of the temple authorities. It has been getting good response and several women started posting pictures. This initiative so far has 100 active members and 500 more are yet to join.

A statement on the page says, “Happy To Bleed is a counter campaign launched against menstrual taboos and sexism that women are subject to through it. It acknowledges menstruation as a natural activity which doesn’t need curtains to hide behind.”

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