Based on the ease with which business can be done in India, the World Bank has given ranks to the states in which Gujarat topped the list. The states were analyzed for a period of six months from Jan to June on 98-point reforms agenda. Chief Secretaries of States participating in the “Make in India” workshop inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi last December finalized this action plan on “Ease of Doing Business”.It was decided later to evaluate States to assess progress by June 2015.

Top ranks have been dominated by the BJP-governed States.Gujarat implemented 71.14 per cent of the reforms, according to the assessment. Andhra Pradesh came second with a score of 70.12 per cent, Jharkhand third at 63.09 per cent, Chhattisgarh fourth with 62.45 per cent and Madhya Pradesh fifth with 62 per cent.The largest recipients of foreign investments, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, are ranked eighth and twelfth with less than 50 per cent scores.