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WWF champs in Baahubali 2

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As Baahubali is still roaring at the box office breaking records, the shooting for Baahubali 2 has already begun and is going on at a fast pace. Initially we heard that the first schedule of the movie might start with a rape scene between Rana and Anushka.

The latest we hear is that Rajamouli is trying to rope in WWF champs like Renna, Brook Lessar and Seinna for part two to make the movie more recognizable not just for national audience but for international audience as well. Also length of  Rana’s role in the second part may be short.

Plans of releasing the movie directly in English has also surfaced. Whatever may be the plans of Rajamouli, but sure looks that he is planning to make the second part even more interesting and bigger than the first part.

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