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Yakub Memon’s hanging results in students clash in HCU

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 A squabble between students of two opposing student political organisations, Ambedkar Students Association and Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad of University of Hyderabad pertaining to terror convict Yakub Memon’s death sentence resulted in an overnight quarrel in which a student was trounced that made him to end up in hospital.
Yakub Memon’s hanging ignited  bellyache in the university by ASA but the ABVP was in support of the death sentnce. In a Facebook post on Monday mid night, N. Susheel Kumar, president of ABVP, called the ASA students ‘goons’ for revolting the hanging  of a terror felon.
“As the word “goons ” was used, it pissed off the  ASA students and approximately 40 of them came and knocked at my hostel door at around 1 am. As soon as I opened the  door , I was pulled  out and was beaten black and blue. They mostly punched me in my stomach due to which there are no scars or marks on my body. Later the university’s security came to the spot but of no use as he did not help me out.”
In frustration,  ABVP students complained against ASA at Gachibowli police station for the aggressive behavior of violence . However, no particular names were given in the complaint. Riots were held by the ABVP students  by closing the gates of the university acquisiting action by the university administration on Tuesday.
One of the university students claimed that this was not the first incident of attack by ASA students as one more student was brutally beaten and threatened before that.

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