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Yes! He cracks jokes too: Samantha

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Brahmotsavam Samantha Jockes
Brahmotsavam Samantha Jockes

This A-listed heroine of south film industry got a huge fan following, equally with the heroes. Even then, working with this hero of Tollywood is scary and exciting at the same time for this Chilbul. That hero is none other than Mahesh Babu. Obviously! Forget about looking good next to him, he can make you totally invisible on screen. So, Samantha just cracked the cheat code. At a recent media interaction, she said ‘You anyway can’t look as good as he looks on screen. So the best way is to keep it simple and sweet. As he can look effortlessly charming, if you try too hard you’ll only end up looking like a clown.’
Wow! That’s a note to be taken for the future heroines as well. Samantha already has to two super hits with Mahesh babu. That will be ‘Dookudu’ and ‘Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’. So now ‘Brahmotsavam’ will be her third film with Mahesh and second project with director Srikanth Addala.
Talking about Mahesh, ‘He is one of those very few actors who believe content is the king. That is why I always look forward to work with him as I get better characters to play. And I am very sure this will be our third super hit film together.’
Remembering the funny incidents on sets, ‘For a scene I had to drive on the highway. And I don’t drive at all! With those huge Lorries zooming past. it was super scary! Meanwhile, Mahesh was sitting next to me and said, “Devuda… Is this going to be my last day? Tell my wife and kids I love them!” And that wasn’t helping at all! But yes, he and Kishore (Vennela Kishore) who was with us in the car helped me deal with the stress by cracking jokes throughout the shot.”